Weaving with Rose/Cotton

When I opened the box of Rose Cotton, I couldn’t get over how beautiful the color is. In its natural color, it is a light rose. Everyone I showed it to agreed with me that it would make a pretty scarf without dying the yarn.

The first thing I did was sample, a word that is usually not in my vocabulary. I decided to try different wefts with the Rose Cotton. I threaded in a straight twill so that I could try several different patterns while testing out different weft yarns. I have always wanted to weave “Breaks and recesses” found in the Strickler book of 8-Shaft Patterns on page 17 (#47). Woven with the rose cotton for weft, it produced a thick piece of cloth suited more to placemats, a table runner, towels or possibly yardage for a jacket.

I next tried 8/2 tencel using pattern #26 again from Strickler. I really like the way it turned out with nice definition of the pattern and the matte on the rose cotton versus the shiny tencel. This has a nice hand that would good for a scarf. I also tried the same pattern in 10/2 cotton. This is a good choice for weft that I think would make good yardage.

I found my next sample on Pinterest.  It is from Handweaving.net.  If you are not aware of that website, check it out. For only $25 per year you have access to thousands of drafts. I wove draft #10424 using the rose cotton as weft. The cloth has a nice drape to it. I can see using it for a scarf.

I then dyed the yarn in gradients of light browns. You can see the yarn in the picture. The finished sample in the picture is also draft #10424 from Handweaving.net. The dyed yarn compliments the natural rose color in the yarn.

To wet finish my sample, I washed it in the washing machine and dried it in the dryer. Shrinkage was 10% in length and 7% in width. I would recommend twisting your fringe or hemming the final product.

Green Tea/Modal and Peppermint/Tencel can also be used as weft and would create the same shiny cloth as tencel with a nice soft drape.